How to Make a Piping Bag

This maybe one of the most useful things I've learned while working at the bakery. Making a proper piping bag is indispensable because you can do some much with it. Many times though, people do it wrong and you can end up with a mess once you fill the bag.

  1. Cut square piece of parchment into 2 triangles.

    56 2
  2. With the two smaller corners on the left and right and the largest angle pointing up top, twist right corner inward until the corner sort of matches the middle corner.

    56 3
  3. Wrap left corner around the cone until you have something similar to the picture below. Make sure the tip is narrow enough for your needs. Pull left or right corners to adjust.

    56 4
  4. Fold tops down to secure cone. (I fold mine on the inside, but you can fold yours on the outside as well)

    56 5
  5. Put cone in a bottle or paper towel tube to fill.

    56 6
  6. To prevent the cone from losening at the seam, close your cone by folding away from the seam.

    56 7
  7. Fold left and right side to form a triangle. Then roll down. (In the picture below, the seam is on the underside)

    56 8
  8. Once rolled down, the cone is ready to be used! (Note: if piping hole is too small, feel free to use a scissor to cut it to size)

    56 9

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