Momofuku - Crack Pie

I thought I would blog about my most recent holiday pie purchase - Momofuku Milk Bar's Crack Pie. They do next day UPS air shipping, so the pie gets to you pretty quickly. The box comes with a cool ice pack, so it stays nice and cool while shipping. I actually ordered mine from because it was offering free overnight shipping, but usually the pie, which is $44, will cost an addition 30 bucks with overnight shipping. It's a pretty hefty price, but it does feed 8-10 people.

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The Momofuku site describes the pie as one with a "toasted oat crust" and "gooey butter filling." The pie is made from brown sugar, cream, egg yolks, whole oats, unbleached wheat flour, eggs, milk powder, salt, vanilla, leavening, and corn flour.

Ok, now for the review. My favorite thing about this pie was the crust. For me, the filling more or less tasted like pecan pie filling - only without the pecans. Like pecan pie, the filling can get overly sweet if you eat too much. (Still, I found myself nibbling on bits and pieces of it even after having my initial slice). The crust was where the genius was. I felt like I was eating filling on a base of nutty and delicious toffee, which was quite nice. The crust isn't your traditional flakey pie crust. It was somewhat flakey, but more cookie-like in consistency. It reminded me of the French Tart Dough recipe I saw on David Lebovitz' blog, David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris. It's an unconventional way of making a pie crust that more or less gives you the same feel as this Momofuku Crack Pie crust.

Overall, I think with the steep price, you should may be try a slice if you happen to be visiting New York on vacation. Then if it turns out that you do really like it, well, you'll know it's never more than a UPS day away.

Additional note: Momofuku Milk Bar did come out with a recipe book and I do believe the famous Crack Pie is in it.

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