Churn2 - Nitrogen Ice Cream

Churn2 - well, it's really Churn "subscript 2." The 2 goes with the "N" for nitrogen...(something about gases needing to be in pairs to be stable) - which is how Churn freezes their ice cream. The "shop" is located in Harvard Square...permanently until the Fall and is unique because it's not your typical food truck. It's actually a shipping crate, an idea the owner had as a cross between a food truck and brick and mortar. They claim it's more energy efficient that way.

I managed to be the last customer on Wednesday, which I think was the first day Churn set up shop at Harvard Square (next to Bon Me and I think another crepe food truck). The foundation of their ice cream is just milk and sugar. Simple enough. And the website says that with liquid nitrogen, they can flash freeze their product ensuring the ultimate freshness.

Strawberry Nitrogen Ice Cream

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I had the strawberry ice cream, but they had mint chip there I believe and the flavors change daily. I looked through a couple of the flavors in their gallery. I think they're pretty simple, which is how the shop probably wants to keep it. When you go by the store, you'll see several bright turquoise blue stand mixers...similar to the Kitchen Aid ones, and Churn serves the ice creams out of metal bowls that look exactly like the ones from the Kitchen Aid stand mixers. I saw some sliced up strawberries in the refrigerator, so my guess is that the Churned folks fold it in by hand at the end, which is neat. In terms of the ice cream, I found it to be very light and definitely not overly sweet. The weather is getting way nice, so if you're down by Harvard Square, definitely check it out.

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