Belgian Pearl Sugar

Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about sugar, I got hit with a recipe that called for "Belgian Pearl sugar." I'm sure a lot of you have guesses as to what I'll be making (I'll link the recipe to this post when I put it up). Apparently, pearl sugar adds crunch to baked goods like no other because first, it's bigger - and coarser if I can say. You'll see when you eat it because even though each chunk of sugar is big, when you bite into it, the chunks do crumble into sugar bits that are coarser than normal granulated sugar. I'd say the Lar's Belgian Pearl Sugar I got at a fancy international corner store is a little bigger than rock salt.

Belgian Pearl Sugar

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I first thought it was too big and rather jaggedy, but I confirmed that it was the one I was supposed to get. Be careful when choosing though because the Lar's brand carries "pearl sugar" as well, which is smaller (not sure if it works as well for my purpose though).

Second, pearl sugar doesn't melt as easily when exposed to moisture or typical baking temperatures - meaning the crunchiness from the bits and pieces of sugar stays. I imagine you can spruce up a ton of recipes that way from muffins to biscuits to even cakes.

Anyways, here's a sneak peak into what I'll be making. It's a wonderful recipe, which does take time, but whoever eats it will know you put a ton of TLC into preparing it.


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