Somerville Winter's Farmer's Market

Farmer's markets aren't just a summer thing anymore. Last week, I went to the Somerville Winter's Farmer Market on Highland Avenue and found hidden treasures that I would have otherwise not known to exist - especially during winter time. What's neat is that the market located in an old armory and there's a cafe for market goers just outside of the hall. The market runs from early December through mid-April, and although most of the farm stand items are root vegetables this time of the year, the market actually hosts a bunch of other food items like meats, cheeses, pastas, bakery items, and even kombucha and coffee.

The atmosphere is quite laid back - faint streams of light peek through the old armory windows towards the back and murmurings of vendor and customer conversations can be heard throughout. I would say definitely don't be shy to ask for samples - including if you want to try a fruit or vegetable you are not familiar with. The vendors will actually cut a piece for you as all of them are eager to talk get market goers to try their products.

Local farmers selling beets, carrots, radishes, and potatoes

48 2

Hosta Hills selling sauerkraut and kimchi

48 3

Apple wines and syrup

48 4

The famous Union Square Donuts selling donuts and kombucha by the jar

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