Momogoose Food Truck

I was at the SOWA Markets again this weekend doing some antiques shopping, but had to stop by the rows of food trucks first to get my grub fix. I decided to try a food truck I hadn't tried before - Momogoose. They seem to specialize in Vietnamese street food - baguettes, noodle bowls, very much like Bon Me - big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, I had already gotten my main dishes - miso pork baguette and miso pork noodle bowl - at Bon Me, but I thought I would try Momogoose's sides. I tried their Asian spring rolls and their special Shanghai dumplings that aren't usually on their menu. Now I love to give good food reviews, but I thought Momogoose - well their sides anyway, sort of fell short of the mark. I felt the dumplings and rolls may have been sitting there for some time before because they were cold and didn't taste fresh. I thought the dumpling dough was very thick and sort of hard to chew through. Now the spring rolls were pretty crunchy, but I remember chewing through them and not really getting any of the filling. I don't know. I know they are just side dishes, but the thing is, Momogoose is choosing to serve food that is prepared AMAZINGLY well by another food truck that may quite possibly be one of the best and most successful food trucks in Boston. I think everything needs to be served at its best because the food truck scene is getting bigger and more competitive.