Behind the Scenes Cooking Shoot

Hi guys! So this was my behind-the-scenes shoot that I did with Vitasoy a little whiles back. It was so cool to have them call me up and work on this "baking with tofu" project with them. They clearly wanted more people to be using tofu for dishes other than savory while at the same time, they wanted to see if we could make desserts healthier with tofu. (And we sure did.)

It's a neat behind-the-scenes look that you wouldn't normally get to see in cooking shows like where all the camera guys are and having the producers watching you and telling you what to do. And yes, did I mention there was a cooking assistant handy, who helped me make the recipes, so that it would be pretty for the shoot? Wow, that's the life and what an amazing time I had. Anyways, hope you all enjoy.