Taco Fresca

So I was at the farmer's market this past Wednesday and came upon the best looking fruits and vegetables. I think farmer's markets are one of my most favorite things that happen during the summer. Sure sometimes the prices maybe a bit higher that your local grocery store, but everything is just so much fresher! And I don't know if people like this, but I love that not everything is the same size. What I mean is that the strawberries are not all gargantuan. They're usually a lot smaller, with some big ones in between. And the eggs - different sizes and different colors. Everything is just gorgeous.

I was thinking about making tacos for dinner anyway, so I just browned up some turkey - I like mine fairly lean, so 93% meat to 7% fat usually fares well. I mixed that with some taco mix and just put the taco together with the fresh vegetables. To kick things up though, I was able to get a hold of mizuna, which is a favorite green of mine. It has a slight mustard-y flavor and really puts a bit more "umph" in the taco.

Cherry tomatoes

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Ingredients (Makes 4 tacos) - 1/2 pound ground turkey - 2 teaspoons taco mix - 20 cherry tomatoes - 1/4 bunch of mizuna greens - 2 teaspoons taco mix - 2 tablespoons olive oil - 4 taco shells

Directions 1. Brown ground turkey with taco mix and olive oil. 2. Halve cherry tomatoes and cut up mizuna. 3. Assemble tacos with turkey, tomatoes and mizuna

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