Perfect Brussels Sprouts

Every couple of years, I develop a new craving for some random food. When I was 13, it was button mushrooms...never liked mushrooms before. Then several years later, it was New York cheesecake - bad thing to start liking. This year though, it was brussels sprouts. I know...weird! I didn't grow up with brussels sprouts, so it's not like I ever really experienced the "grossness" that is brussels sprouts as a kid. I think what really happened was I had some brussels sprouts for a side at some restaurant I was eating at and was like, "Whoa! These are good!"

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It's a weird thing to start liking, I know. I mean, they're sort of miniature cabbages, and yes, at times, I do sort of get that "sewer-esque" smell that brussels sprouts and cabbage have. But, that doesn't turn me off like it does some people. I think that "smell" contributes to the overall flavor that is the brussels sprout, and I love it. I've tried preparing them several ways - stir fry, steamed, but no way is better that just oven roasted. So I'm just going to give a simple recipe for these - in case there are people like me who aren't so familiar with brussels sprout either. I think the biggest mistake you can make is over cooking them, because you do want the crunch to stay. At the same time, I like when parts of the brussels sprouts brown up, so the way to get the best of both worlds is roasting at a high heat, but only for a short period of time.

Directions 1. Cut root off of 1/2 pound of Brussels sprouts and split in half. 2. Toss with 3 tablespoons of Olive oil, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and plenty of salt and pepper to taste. 3. In a preheated 400 degree oven, roast Brussels sprouts for 8 minutes. 4. Remove from oven and toss with an additional tablespoon of Olive oil. Add additional sal to taste.

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