A 'Dieter's' BLT Sandwich

A quick blog about this - I hate being on diets...well I hate gaining an extra 10 pounds and not being able to fit into my pants either, so anyways...

I have this awesome sandwich that I make whenever I do want to lose a couple pounds. It actually isn't that crazy - I make a couple of substitutes and make sure that whatever is left is 150% flavorful - I think keeping the flavor has something to do with keeping the cravings down too.

It's an open faced buffalo chicken on cheddar rice cake. I think the good thing about open face sandwiches are that because we have lessened the amount of "bread" and made substitutes to the sandwich, you could easily eat 2 - making it seem more filling -and not feel too badly about it. Instead of a recipe, I thought I would give you guys a calorie chart instead.

Buffalo Chicken on Rice Cake
- 2 slices buffalo chicken deli meat - 30 calories - 1 white cheddar rice cake - 40 calories - 1 teaspoon garlic aioli mustard - 30 calories - 1 small handful arugula - 0 calories (about 4 calories per cup)

Now, that basically comes in at 100 calories per open face sandwich. And like I said, if it doesn't fill you up, have two - I think that's more my typical lunch anyway...unless I want a quick snack before dinner or something. And including ingredients that are flavor rich (yes, do look out for sodium content as well) does help with the craving and does away with the thought that all you're eating is a sandwich made from rice cakes. Give this one a try because it is absolutely delicious and really puts down that craving for potentially fattier foods and/or other junk food.

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