Charcuterie Board

This was actually my second time at the Salty Pig located in the Backbay area of Boston. I would say, usually, the thing that impresses me the most at this place would be their charcuterie menu. You can find this under #1 - “Salty Pig Parts” and the cool thing about this plate is that you get to pick what’s on your plate. Meats range from chorizo, prosciutto, and salame, to the more exotic like head cheese (Fromage de Tete) Pig Head(Porchetta di Testa). The meats come with a nice side of Salty Pig mustard, pickles, and their freshly made bread. All of their pork, aside from the prosciutto from Italy, are locally made, so the flavors are extravagant. Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and opt for the head cheese, I will say that flavor-wise, the cheese was full of complex pork flavor, but texturally, it’s a bit cartillage-y (that’s probably not a word) and will take a little getting used to. That being said, the pork here is great and if you do come, definitely give everything a try.

Pork tasting

On this particular day, I also opted for the pork tasting with 3 different parts of the pork served on a bed of farro. This is not too too big of a dish since it’s only a tasting, but what was amazingly surprising was the Marcona almond red pepper sauce that they paired the pork with. (As you can see, I was so excited to taste the dish that I forgot to take a picture first!) The sauce was creamy without the cream, and flavorful from the sweet and tanginess of the red pepper. It’s a little bit like hummous, only creamier and I think it’s the pureed almonds that do that.