Seoul Soulongtang

After trying one of the best Korean sundubu jjigaes (tofu soups) at Kaju Tofu House in Harvard Square, I was on a quest to find more amazing Korean broths in the Boston area. With steady guidance from Yelp and a suggestion from my dear cousin, I hopped into my car, crossed the river, and found myself at Seoul Soulongtang in Allston.

Soulongtang is a local speciality in Seoul and is made from boiling down ox bone and brisket until the broth turns milky and rich in flavor. The restaurant hardly adds salt to the broth (that's up to you as each table gets its own container of semi-flakey sea salt). Upon first taste, I couldn't beleive how rich and creamy the broth was, knowing fully well that it did not contain an ounce of dairy.

Along with each spoonful of hot broth were thin cuts of beef and slippery noodles of vermicelli. The waitress gave me an abundance of chopped scallions to accompany my soup. I sparingly sprinkled a few granules of salt into my soup, but could just as well have enjoyed the flavorful broth in its pure, rich simplicity.