My Visit to Tupelo

Nom nom nom nom nom is all I have to say after my visit to Tueplo in Inman Square on Saturday. I went there for brunch when it was not yet jam-packed with people, which this place tends to get, especially on the weekends. And being in Inman Square, the restaurant, which was named after Elvis' birthplace in Mississippi, has a lot of worthy competitors to defend against. Along with its close proximity to sister square - Union Square, where nearly every restaurant within a half mile radius is on some list for Boston's best restaurant, Tupelo best be bringing their best foods forward...and man, do they!

Inside the Restaurant (Bar is to the right)

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Right, so the restaurant was very quaint, old-style, and southern. It had that chill, place with a ceiling fan - sort of feel. I imagine the restaurant to fit about 40-ish people at full capacity, so it's nice because it doesn't feel big. The staff looked very cool and hip - rocker, musician, and possibly skateboarder type of look, BUT they were so very attentive, and that made for a very cool experience.

Starting Off with My Sweet Tea

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My thoughts on the food? Geez, I've thought about the fried chicken and dunking my buttermilk biscuit into Tupelo's creamy sausage gravy at least every morning for the past five days since I've visited. Well, let me do a more in-depth talk about each dish.

Southern Fried Chicken with Belgian Waffle

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My mouth is watering right now as I'm thinking about chomping down on their super crunchy, Southern fried chicken. Now, I believe Tupelo does make a particular style of fried chicken, which is "hard-fried." I guess my warning, if you can call it that, is that their fried chicken has a very substantial crunch to them. I thought it was definitely more crunchy than I was used to at first, but the crunch really grew on me and by the end, I was licking all that chicken off the bone. In terms of the Belgian waffle, it was more or less standard, but Tupelo does do a very strong bourbon maple syrup with a lightly spiced whipped cream that pairs really well together.

Buttermilk Biscuits with Sausage Gravy!

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The fried chicken was good, but this combination of freshly made buttermilk biscuits and creamy sausage gravy was divine! I usually don't like too much cream in my gravy because it gets overly rich, and I can't really taste the actual flavor of the gravy, but this was not that at all. It was delicious and flavorful without being too overly rich. I tried to absorb every last bit of that gravy with my semi-giant, uber-tender biscuit. Oh geez, I want to go back now...I don't know, maybe I just have a thing for Southern comfort food, but not everyone does this right. Check out the menu for yourself!