Chinese BBQ Chuan Food Truck

Translation – authentic lamb meat

Ok, for those of you who miss the street food scene of Beijing, Wow BBQ food truck has the cure - "Chuan chuan chuan!!! (Pronounced Chwar chwar chwar!!!) Essentially the word for "sticks of," the truck specializes in authentically grilled and seasoned barbecued meats on sticks - just like how they do it in China. Each ambrosial wand of cumin-packed chicken, pork, or lamb contains about 3-4 pieces of meat and costs $1.25 each.

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The owners are recent MBA graduates from China, and they've received a little bit of news press back home as well. I guess it's just meat on a stick, right? But for those of you who have been abroad and have eaten this stuff, it's as much about nostalgia as it is the actual sticks of meat. And just in case you thought this truck could be a little more authentic and I guess...Asian, outside of the truck on the sidewalk, there's a board with a "math question of the day" for all their Asian and non-Asian guests.