A4 Pizza

I first heard of A4 - Area 4 Pizza - from Urban Daddy. They said the beer and pizza testing workshop "pretty much sums up one version of heaven..." The place definitely has that cool industrial, wooden walls, exposed pipes look. And being that it's located in Union Square with pretty darn good reviews, I knew A4 had the blessing of true foodies and hipsters alike.

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I was going to try a cool pizza. In a place like that - I had to. I knew I wanted one with the A4 mozzerella on it because they make that in-house, so that narrowed my search. Unfortunately, the shitake mushroom pizza, which had the fresh farm eggs cracked on top didn't come with mozzerella. So, I asked the server whether I could just do the soppressata pizza, but add the fresh farm eggs on top. He gladly said yes, but before leaving said, "You know, we have a secret pizza. It's not on the menu, but it's very similar to what you ordered. It has the soppressata, some picked banana peppers, the A4 mozzerella, and the Baffoni farm eggs."

Secret pizza? Uh...yea! I had no idea whether I was being slightly duped or not. In the back of my head, I thought, the server could have pulled this whole spiel on someone else - said they had a "secret pizza" with slightly more toppings - hence slighly more expensive, but hey, you know what? The pizza wasn't THAT much more expensive and man was it good! The crust was thin, but not overly thin and it had that nice char to it, which has a ton of flavor. The soppressata was crispy and the mozzerella was surprisngly light and fresh. It definitely didn't leave you with that overly rich and heavy feeling that you get with some cheeses. The banana peppers added just the right amount of tang, though it was quitely spicy. Anyways, have a look at the menu for yourselves. I know they have multiple locations now, and I know I've seen their food truck driving around Boston as well.

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