I hope you guys enjoyed my 5-course “back to school” menu. I had so much fun coming up with the recipes, which all needed to be easy, quick, affordable, and NOT look like a college student put it together. I thought I did a pretty good job and wanted to do roundup of all the recipes, so you can access them easily.

They’re all in video format and the recipes are in the description boxes. An additional note is that these recipes aren’t just for college students. If you’re new to the job-market and need to save money or you’re someone who works all the time and wants to make a quick, but delicious meal, this is for you as well.

Course 1: Leftover Breakfast Pizza Omelette

A protein-rich omelette with cheesy pizza and veggies.

Course 2: “Bacon Bits” BLT

Who needs thick-cut when you have bacon bits? This BLT mimics the real stuff pretty well – and it’s quick and affordable.

Course 3: Tuna Pesto Pasta

Tuna fish and bright pesto is the perfect combination to this pasta.

Course 4: Anchovy Cocktail Onion Pasta

Inspired by a meal in Italy, the saltiness of the anchovies and the pop of the cocktail onions gives this pasta big flavor.

Course 5: “1 Minute” Nutella Cupcake

You make this cake in a microwave, but it is still soft and moist…and of course, anything is good topped with Nutella and sprinkles.